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April 12, 2020


2 min


Are you getting bored during this lockdown and feeling the need to watch something interesting? Then Rajaratha, directed by Anup Bhandari, should be your pick! Starring Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and Sruthi Hariharan, the film revolves around Abhi, Megha and a man named Vishwa. The movie shows two stories parallelly— while one is about Abhi and Megha who are set out to travel to Chennai, the other is about Vishwa who is currently working with a ruling political party.

Abhi and Megha are excited to go to college and happen to be travelling in a bus called ‘Rajaratha’. While we get to see how their lives are intertwined with Vishwa’s, Rajaratha is a family entertainer and a highly interesting one at that. It is a light-hearted movie that depicts family relationships along with portraying a cute love angle between Abhi and Megha. Following two stories that are poles apart is also what makes this film unique and fun to watch.

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Avantika Shetty And Nirup Bhandari In Rajaratha

The USP of this film is that we get to hear Puneet Rajkumar’s voice as the narrator. Not only is he expressive with his conversations on the bus, but he also demands attention with his act. Along with this, Avantika Shetty’s performance as Megha is impressive. She has managed to get into the skin of the character while also being relatable to the girls of today.

If you’re wondering about Vishwa and the political conflicts involved, then we want to keep the mystery intact for you to find out! Watch the movie to see what happens next and how Vishwa and Abhi and Megha clash with each other.

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