Watch An Orangutan Rowing A Boat To Cross The River

Having the need to cross the river, an Orangutan decided to adopt the man’s method and began to row a boat.

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April 8, 2021

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The internet is filled with surprises, and it keeps getting better. We have seen numerous videos of animals doing amazing stuff go viral on the internet and now we have something completely new. A recent video is doing rounds on the internet where an Orangutan is seen boating. Thousands of curious people have instantly turned the video viral video of this orangutan, sharing it on social media. It is a great sight to watch as it almost feels like a man crossing a river.

Watch the full video here:

Orangutans are smart and we all know that. Hailing from the lineage of humans’ closest families, they tend to do things smart compared to other animals in the wild. Known for even imitating humans at many things, these animals catch up fast. The recent video that went viral proves the same. In the short video captured in the wild, an Orangutan can be seen rowing a boat across a water body.

Having the need to cross the water to the other side, this lone traveller decided to use the man’s method by hopping on a boat. The animal without thinking much picked up the row and rowed him way across the water. Many believe that the animal might have come up with the solution himself, while there are chances that he/she might have learned this from watching a human being do the same. Either way, the enthralling video is proof that these animals can be witty and are smart.

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Earlier, a pic of an Orangutan extending a helping hand to a man who got stuck in a muddy river had gone viral on the internet. Captured by a wildlife photographer, the picture was shared by thousands on social media claiming that they are just like us humans and we need to learn certain things like helping others from them.

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