Want Your Kid To Score Better? Take Eduauraa’s Free Biology Mock Test And See Where They Stand

Eduauraa provides you with a wide range of interactive learning sources, including videos, E-books, mind maps and previous year question papers.

Sania Kader

October 22, 2020


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In the current unprecedented times, preparing for an exam can become a headache for students as well as parents. With Eduauraa, you have the option to shape up your child’s knowledge with a number of mock tests and reviews. Eduauraa provides you with a wide range of interactive learning sources, including videos, E-books, mind maps and previous year question papers. The platform also offers a free biology mock test which can be taken at home, for better assessment. With annual ZEE5 subscription, you will now get free access to Eduauraa. The limited period offer ends 31st October 2020.

Take up the Eduauraa Biology mock test here:

English_Medium_Bio_Mcq’s (1)

This Eduauraa mock test gives students an overview of various topics that are covered under the Biology syllabi. The test includes discussions on agriculture and farming, which forms the basic crux of the subject. A bunch of these questions focus on flora, fauna and their functioning while a few others aim at human body parts. This mock test will help you access students’ knowledge of basic concepts that need to be crystal clear before taking up the final exam.

Taking an Eduauraa mock test after some preparation can help the students manage their time and study material better. This Biology mock test consists of 100 MCQs with the correct answer highlighted at the end of each question. Taking up the mock test will allow the candidate to understand the position of their knowledge and preparation. These tests will also help students build up their confidence and secure greater scores while being in the comfort of their homes.

Eduauraa is a digital platform which makes learning easier for students by guiding them through interesting learning sessions. The learning content is made available for the students in both Hindi and English languages. Having an online study partner in such difficult times will help students remain focused while having fun with the learning process. You can now access Eduauraa for free if you subscribe to ZEE5 before October 31, 2020. Here is a look at what the digital platform offers students of class 10 and 12.

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With the COVID 19 pandemic in place, the interest in conventional learning methods has gone down drastically. Most students find it difficult to remain focused with various distractions through external stimuli. It is important to make the learning procedure engaging and informative at the same time. Enduauraa helps children remain focused through interesting visuals and teaching methods. The visual representation of concepts through videos and attractive colour schemes help the students stick around and learn well while being safe at home.

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