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Want To Impress Your To-Be Mother-In-Law Like Kasturi? Then Try These Tips!

Ankita Tiwari

October 9, 2020

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Kasturi needs to impress Mummy and here are some brilliant ideas to get her approval. You can also try these and make your mother-in-law’s affection grow for you!

Zee Marathi show Ladachi Me Lek Ga starring Aroh Welankar, Mitali Mayekar, and Smita Tambe is an interesting watch, according to audience reviews. The show is a romantic drama with a pinch of added thrill! Smita Tambe plays a unique mother-in-law who is super possessive about her son (aren’t they all?). But the thrill that we talk about is that Mummy is a lady don who speaks less and shoots (bullets) more! So if you have a mother-in-law or a to-be mother-in-law who does not like you too much, then follow these tips! We are sure that if Kasturi followed these, Mummy would love her!

Watch an episode of Ladachi Me Lek Ga here.

1. Talk to them: First of all, you need to enter her circle of people to be considered likable. Talk to her and engage in conversations to break the wall. Kasturi must try doing this and maybe, she can create a space in Mummy’s heart.

2. Make sure they understand you: Mummy’s nature is possessive and Kasturi needs to align herself with Dr. Saurabh’s mother. She needs to show that she is not going to steal her son, instead, she is here to add to his life and make him happier.

Source: ZEE5

3. Try to do an activity together: Kasturi should do something with Mummy, anything that her to-be mom-in-law loves to do, perhaps shooting! This would make them bond and also make Mummy realise that Kasuri is worthy of being a part of their house!

4. Learn from her: Kasturi should show that she needs to learn from Kamini. She needs to show her how she wants to be a perfect wife and take care of Dr. Saurabh just like his mother has done!

Source: ZEE5

5. Show her you are trust-worthy: Kasturi needs to prove that she wouldn’t break Saurabh’s heart. His mother loves him to the core and seeing her son happy would make her joyous too!

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