Want To Be More Kind And Loving? Geetha From Bramhagantu Is The Woman To Look Up To!


June 16, 2020

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Bramhagantu, starring  Bharath Bopanna (as Lucky) and Geetha Bharathi Bhat (as Geetha), revolves around Lucky, a fit and healthy kabaddi player and Geetha, who is a happy-go-lucky girl that takes things as they come. However, circumstances lead to the two getting married after which life turns around for her. Having said that here are some of the qualities of Geeta that make her a source of inspiration to many.

She has always been kind to everyone. Geeta never does anything for her own benefit or satisfaction. She always thinks of her family and Lucky when she gets married. No matter how much they have looked down upon her, she has always been kind to the people around her.


Source: ZEE5

Geetha is a warm character who also knows how to have fun! She is a big foodie and loves making delicious recipes for her loved ones too. She is always making a light moment of even the most complex situations which always turns out to be a good thing.

Comfortable With Herself

Source: ZEE5

Geetha is very comfortable with herself. No matter how many people tell her that she must lose weight, she never says anything to anyone. She loves food and continues to eat whatever she wants without paying heed to what people are saying around her.


What makes Geetha and Lucky tick (Source: Instagram)

While Geetha falls head over heels for Lucky right from the start, the latter takes time to see the real Geetha and understand her too. However, Geeta loves him unconditionally which really strikes a chord with anyone who has ever been in love. She also shows unconditional love towards her family and relatives which will truly melt your heart.


Source: ZEE5

She is patient and does not make any decisions in haste. Even when she discovers that Lucky doesn’t want to be with her, she decides to give her and him time to warm up to each other. However, she never loses a sense of herself!

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