Vladimir Putin Announces Launch Of Second Russian COVID-19 Vaccine

The Epivaccorona vaccine is expected to be registered before 15 October in Russia according to President Vladimir Putin

Raghav N

September 24, 2020

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While many countries are still struggling to produce their first vaccine, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that a second vaccine against COVID19 will soon be registered in Russia. Putin addressed the Upper House lawmakers to introduce the Epivaccorona Vaccine, to be produced by the Vector Research Centre. The immunisation is expected to be registered by 15 October.

The president also appreciated his nation’s ability to counter the pathogen and stated that the Russian healthcare system is ready to efficiently combat Coronavirus.

This comes just after the registration of the country’s first vaccine in August, the Sputnik 5 that showed promising results during its initial trials but has still not completed its phase three testing.

However, Sputnik 5 has already been administered to high profile officials of the Putin government, including his foreign minister and the Moscow Mayor.

In fact, the president claimed that his own daughter took the shot and experienced only a mild reaction. He also addressed the United Nations General Assembly virtually on Tuesday and offered the inoculation to other countries as well.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has started its single-shot COVID19 Vaccine study with 60,000 volunteers. This is an important research as rivals AstraZeneca and Moderna are working on double shot injections, which are separated by several weeks, making it more difficult to administer.  The objective of this study is to see the vaccine’s effectiveness on moderate to severe infections. Results of its final testing are expected by end of 2020 or the beginning of next year.

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