Virgin Bhasskar 2 Review: This Bad Boy Meets Bad Girl Story Is Full Of Love, Lust And Drama

The #LoveSexLafda life of Bhaskar continues in the new season with the entry of Pakhi, while the relationship with Vidhi falls apart.

Kenneth Carneiro

August 31, 2020


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Season 2 of Virgin Bhasskar takes the story of porn writer Bad Boy Bhasskar forward. Much like everyone else, the year 2020 has not been too kind to Bhaskar Tripathi. In the new season, we see Bhaskar (Anant Joshi) and Vidhi (Rutpanna Aishwarya) trying to maintain a long-distance relationship in two different cities. He meets Paakhi (Jiya Shankar) becomes the Bad Girl to Bhaskar’s Bad Boy. Their chemistry threatens to take Bhaskar away from his first love, Vidhi. This series is a fun small-town story that delivers a progressive message about sex and love.

Watch the trailer for season 2 of Virgin Bhasskar here.

The new season begins with Bhasskar and Vidhi finding out they failed in their UPSC Exams. Bhaskar has just recovered after a fan fell on him the last time he tried to sleep with Vidhi. Now Vidhi has to return to Allahabad because her father wants to get her married. During his relationship with Vidhi, Bhaskar had stopped writing all adult fiction. Pakhi a girl living in a hostel notices the need for a new writer and begins writing under the name of Bad Boy. Bhasskar and Vidhi form a formidable writing team but their chemistry begins to bleed into their personal lives as well. However, Vidhi is stuck between choosing Bhaskar or the man her parents have chosen for her.

Anant Joshi seems much more comfortable in his role as Bhaskar. He is equally convincing when he is shy, awkward and indecisive as he is believable in the rare moments when he is confident and courageous. The new entry of Jiyaa Shankar, as Pakhi, is a much-needed breath of fresh air into this series. She becomes Bhasskar’s writing partner as they both discover they have a common talent of writing really popular adult fiction. With the inclusion of Pakhi, the show gives it a much needed female perspective in it’s approach to porn, while being light and funny.

The aspect of the love triangle where Bhaskar is caught between Vidhi and Pakhi keeps the series interesting and makes your want to binge-watch the episodes. However, the real power of this story, much like the first season, is its ability to titillate and educate. This small-town love story from UP touches on important topics of consent, individual choices and social stigma around virginity while being sex-positive. It’s important to see the right depiction of sex and sexuality on screen today.

Virgin Bhasskar has strong female characters in Vidhi and Pakhi, who voice their opinion and are responsible for the choices they make. Even the other characters, including Roshni a city girl who moves to Varanasi for a business project and the character of a prostitute, offer unique perspectives. In a world where everyone seems to have a rigid thought about the process about right and wrong, Virgin Bhasskar is a refreshing change to see people have conversations and have a change of thinking, even if it is only fictional.

This feel-good story will take you to Varanasi and Allahabad and the story feels extremely local. The dialogues are filled with local slang and you will definitely pick up a line or two of Mishra’s Mishrology. Much like the Bad Boy and Bad Girl duo, this new season is directed by the duo Sageita Rao and Sakshat Dalvi. Together they succeed in doing this unique story complete justice.

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