Viral Video: Watch This Kashmiri Boy Shah Hujaib Performing Astonishing Stunts With Football

Watch this Kashmiri boy Shah Hujaib performing amazing stunt with a football.

Aditi Sharma

April 6, 2021

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Kashmiri boy Shah Hujaib has been ruling social media with his stunts with football. He performs different stuns with a football and is appreciated globally for his videos online. From touching a bottle kept between two balls by kicking another football to putting a football in a basket without seeing it, Hujaib has been doing it all.

Shah Hujaib’s videos that have been making rounds on the internet have been appreciated by many people who are interested in football and also who love to witness something unique on social media. Shah has been gaining recognition globally as his video is going viral on the internet.

Earlier, a video of kids playing football went viral over the internet. Originally shared on Instagram back in 2019 by El Cambio Academy, an organization working towards developing African youth through football and education. The video again captured people’s attention after it was shared recently on Twitter. In fact, since being shared on the micro-blogging site, the video has gathered nearly 1.6 million views – and the numbers are only increasing. In the video, a group of kids is seen showing off amazing skills in football.

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“That’s a lot of pressure on the last guy, but he nailed it!” wrote a Twitter user. “So awesome!!! Cheers to those boys!” shared another. “Gotta love the unbridled joy mixed with the genuine surprise experienced by the chaperones hanging out in the back when the kids nailed it lol,” expressed a third.

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