Viral Video: Watch This Buffalo Dancing with its Owner and Let Him Make You Smile

Ever seen a buffalo dance? If not, you have to take a look at this video, and we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 9, 2021

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Funny animal videos are quite a popular thing on the internet as people tend to enjoy their cute antics a lot. Recently a very adorable video of a buffalo went viral on the internet where it was seen dancing away with its owner every time she sang a song out loud. And, it has won over the hearts of everyone on the internet now!

Watch the video here:

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In a viral video, a buffalo was seen dancing along with its owner and people have fallen absolutely in love with it. In the largely circulated video, the owner was seen prompting and persuading the buffalo to show her some of its moves and it actually did! As the lady sang the buffalo a song, it happily joined in on the fun and grooved to it along with her. The video also showed some extremely enthusiastic kids joyfully cheering for the gentle animal on as he shook his legs to the song. As the buffalo hilariously danced away, the lady and the kids could not contain their laughter either.

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It is not a surprise that animal videos are exceptionally endearing to watch. Time and again we have witnessed countless videos of cows, dogs, cats, rabbits and many other animals go insanely viral due to their extremely high cuteness quotient. From their interactions with their owners being too humanly to having insanely lovable and amusing behaviour, animal videos often go viral as people love sharing the fun and happiness with their loved ones.

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Animal videos also possess the ability to lighten up people’s moods a lot. Watching cute videos of cats and dogs are usually a very loved pass time for many people. So this is not the first time that a video of an animal’s engaging and amusing behaviour has taken over the internet, there have been several other ones in the past as well.

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