Viral Video: Tigress In Bhopal Walks Out With Her Cubs At Night

A video of a tigress in Bhopal has gone viral on social media. In this video, the tigress is walking alongside her cubs late at night.

Tanvi Dhote

December 19, 2020

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A wild tigress was recently spotted roaming around in Bhopal’s outskirt areas at night. The tigress was spotted alongside her three cubs. The video of the tigress and her three went viral in no time. Find out more details about this viral video before.

Videos of several wild animals often go viral on social media. Sometimes these videos are about these animals hunting while sometimes they are simply co-existing with other animals or with their family. Recently, a video of a wild tigress went viral on social media. As mentioned earlier, in this viral video the tigress was walking along with her three cubs at night.

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This video was captured by some people passing by Bhopal’s Kerwa dam. After noticing the people, the tigress even seemed to have changed her route. Even though the people were shooting their video, the tigress did not move towards them. But she made sure that her cubs were close to her and followed her. Even the cubs made sure to follow their mother.

But this is not the first time a tiger has been spotted out of the jungle near human settlements. Wild animals often wander out of forests and move towards urban areas. Sometimes they do not cause any harm but sometimes these uninvited guests can cause fatal injuries and kill people.

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Recently, another video of a tiger went viral on social media. In this viral clip, a tiger was hiding in the bushes. Some tourists were relaxing in their open jeeps while on a safari and their vehicle was parked. Suddenly, the tiger came running towards them. He was not only running towards them but also roaring loudly.

The moment the tourists noticed the tiger they all began shouting and waving their hands in the air. Soon, the tiger noticed and slowed down his pace. The moment the shouting of these tourists increased the tiger started moving back. He soon retreated and ran back in the forest. Right after this incident, the tourist vehicle started moving. Watch this viral video below.

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