Viral Video: This Man’s Potato-Cutting Skills Will Leave You Stunned

Check out this viral video of a chef’s exceptional potato cutting skill.

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April 1, 2021

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A video of a chef’s exceptional skill of cutting potatoes is doing the rounds of social media. The video in which a chef can be seen slicing potatoes in the fastest and most innovative way has gone viral. From Instagram to YouTube, the video has undoubtedly been viewed by millions already. The video of this special skilled knife-wielder has left many in awe, while others have begun to try and copy the artist.

Watch the full video here:

People around the world have mostly hated chopping food or vegetables while cooking. The process takes effort and consumes a lot of time. However, some find artistic ways to do the same and that too in swiftness. We can find people who are expert in cutting fruits and vegetables in restaurants, hotels, and even fancy cruise ships. The video is proof that cutting large potatoes can also be fun if done with skill. Chefs who have spent most of their time practising their kitchen skills can easily do the same.

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In the video, the man wearing a chef’s coat which presumably holds the crest of a Chinese restaurant gracefully cuts the potatoes with his large slicing knife. Innovative recipes need good skills and the chef showed the same as he sliced potatoes to make crispy tornado potatoes. Having pledged his knife skills for years now, the chef showed how he can make a potato tornado without a thread or skewers like the rest of us. The video has motivated many to try the same, as seen in the comment section of the video.

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