Viral Video: This Grandmother-Grandson Duo Is Winning Hearts Through Their Funny Videos

Aspiring actor Vibhor Sharma and his grandmother are going viral as the former shares videos of the duo having funny banter with each other.

Shrudi Shyam

July 13, 2021

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These days anything you upload on the internet can go viral if it has enough entertaining content. For example, a simple conversation between a grandmother and grandson can make them viral sensations. Yes, that’s exactly what happened with Vibhor Sharma and his grandmother. Vibhor is an aspiring actor who was last seen in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua. Currently, his viral video featuring his grandmother has been winning hearts all over the internet. Check out a few of their funniest videos.


In this video, Vibhor is seen asking his “Daadudi” why she is looking at him. To this, the elderly woman responds by saying that he looks “Sundar(beautiful)”. Vibhor starts to correct his grandmother, asking her to call him smart instead of beautiful, while she immediately responds by saying how she hasn’t learnt Hindi.


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Just as Vibhor was about to praise himself by saying how many girls are crazy over him, his Grandma hilariously bursts his bubble by saying that the girls must be mad to like him. People are constantly enjoying this banter between the Grandmother-Grandson duo, especially the former’s witty replies.

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In another video, Vibhor can be seen asking his Grandma whether his Grandfather fed her with his hands during their wedding. She quickly reacts to this and says that her husband was a shy man and a little old school too, whereas she is someone with a broader modern mindset.


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Vibhor’s grandma also keeps a check on him from time to time. Once, during a video when she didn’t approve of his acting, Grandma blatantly said, “You’re acting is so bad, how will you become an actor?”. Most of the time, the duo is seen having healthy banters which surely keep their audience entertained.


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