Viral Video: This Funny Yet Relatable ‘Cat Rescue’ Video Sums Up Our 2021!

In this cat rescue video, it is not the ‘animal love’ that became the talk of the internet. But the video has grabbed everyone’s attention due to its relatability with our Covid times.

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April 15, 2021

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The year 2020 was unfortunate for everyone in many terms. While the Covid-19 pandemic changed our lifestyle completely, the draggy lockdowns definitely gave us difficult times to deal with. However, the new year 2021 came out as a hope for everyone but the surge in covid cases foiled our plans yet again. And quite funnily, a viral video of a cat’s rescue is now standing as an epitome to our times between 2020 and 2021.

Watch the video:

The video that went viral on Twitter shows a cat getting rescued from a narrow trench. The near end of this hilarious video has made the netizens relate the incident with the Covid times. The video begins with a cat getting rescued from a deep and narrow trench.

A bucket is tied to a rope to rescue the cat from the trench. However, when the cat comes out of the bucket safely, she jumps out of it only to end up into another narrow trench. This 06-second video has “summed up the year 2020 and 2021” stated the netizens. And why not! If referred to it as our Covid times, the pandemic seems to be on an endless mode. The surge in cases has forced the administration to issue new lockdowns and guidelines.

This has ultimately led to another problematic situation for everyone. And hence, the netizens found this viral video very relatable yet funny. The video went viral within no time and has become the talk of the web. In these uncertain times, it is good to see that humour has kept our spirits alive.

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