Viral Video: Soldiers Perform Bihu on Assamese Song With Their Riffles

Two Assamese soldiers were seen performing ‘Bihu dance’ merrily with rifles in their hands; Watch viral video

A video of Indian soldiers performing Bihu dance with rifles in their hands has been doing the rounds on the internet. The two soldiers seen in the video were dancing to the tunes of an Assamese song with rifles in their hands! They were seen performing the traditional Assamese ‘Bihu’ dance while merrily dancing and belting out the song.

The Bihu dance and the Bihu festival is important to the Assamese culture. The traditional dance is generally performed by young women and men. Apart from performing it at traditional events, the dance is also performed by many when they seem to be happy. The Assamese soldiers seemed to be pretty content and thus were seen dancing to the Assamese song. One of the soldiers was also seen referencing the lyrics of the song to the surrounding area around him.

Source: ZEE5

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The origin of Bihu dance seems to be unclear but it is an indigenous folk dance of the Indian state of Assam. Bihu is generally performed in a group by young men and women. The Bihu dance is performed by brisk steps and rapid hand movements. It is performed by wearing a traditional costume which is colourful and centred around the red colour theme which signifies joy and vigour. Bihu is also a set of three important Assamese festivals. It is observed in April, October and January.

The Rongali Bihu celebrated in April is the most important of the three spring festivals. The three spring festivals of Bihu are in reverence for Lord Krishna. The celebrations of the Bihu reflect influences from Southeast Asia and Sino-Tibetan cultures. Apart from India, Bihu is also celebrated by Assamese people settled across the world.

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