Viral Video Of A Kid’s Desi Jugaad To Survive In Chilly Weather Leaves Netizens Shocked

A new video of a kid bathing outside in the cold weather using a unique desi jugaad has gone viral on the internet. Watch the viral video here.

Mamta Raut

January 4, 2021

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With the winter season rolling in fiercely, many have filled their closet with warm sweaters and cosy blankets. Freezing temperatures and cold breeze are fun to experience. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to survive the chilly weather. To save oneself from cold, many resort to hacks like a campfire, switching on heaters and many more. However, a new video which has been doing the rounds on social media has left netizens shocked, looking at a unique hack used by a child to beat the chilly temperature. Check it out in the video below:

Although the internet is filled with numerous viral videos, this one, along with making people burst out in laughter, has also left a shocking impact on netizens. In the new clip which has spread like wildfire on the web, viewers can see a child bathing outside his house. However, his new method of cleansing in the cold environment has left people mind-blown. Netizens are confused if they should appreciate the desi ‘jugaad’ used by the little child or condemn his action.

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In the clip, viewers see the child sitting inside a huge cooking vessel which is kept on a traditional stove made out of cow dung. While there is water kept inside the vessel, the stove is lit with the help of wooden sticks. The child uses the lit stove as a heater to make the water hot, at the same time while sitting on the stove, the child is also bathing.

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Netizens haven’t seen such a trick ever before and hence it is extremely difficult to watch the child sit on a lit stove. Although, it appears that the child hasn’t been hurt as he smiles throughout the clip but this desi hack is a dangerous one. As soon as the video went viral, it garnered mixed response online. While some are hailing this desi jugaad, others are condemning the child’s action keeping his safety in mind.

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