Viral Video: Man Tries To Take ‘Selfie’ With Python, Gets Bitten On The Shoulder

A man got bit by a venomous python when he was trying to take a ‘selfie’ with it and the whole incident was captured on camera. Read on.

Aboli Vaze

June 27, 2021

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Videos of animals and their cute antics often go viral on social media. Adorable videos of animals interacting with humans also create a buzz on the internet. However, this time, a rather horrific human-animal interaction has surfaced on social media, leaving the users shocked. As it turns out, a man got bit by a venomous python when he was trying to take a ‘selfie’ with it and the whole incident was captured on camera.

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In the viral video, a group of people can be seen carrying a python in their hands. As many as three people are holding the venomous snake, whereas others are following the trio. It seems like they are taking the snake into a jungle so as to leave it there.

In the video, suddenly a man comes forward and tries to take a selfie with the snake. Later, he comes closer to it so as to take a better picture. As soon as he comes closer, the snake lunges itself towards the man and bites him near the shoulder. The man immediately backs off and seemingly loses balance while everyone looks at him with horror.

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The python was calm and not agitated when it was carefully being carried by three men. It only lunged forward to bite the other man when he came too close to take a selfie. The snake was seemingly docile when he was taking a selfie from a great distance.

Not all animal-human interaction videos are of this nature. Sometimes, they are adorable and the netizens love it. Earlier this month, a video went viral on social media which showed a baby elephant drawing water from a hand up. Using its trunk, the elephant was drawing water and later drinking the same. Netizens absolutely loved this video and it was reshared several times on social media.

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