Viral Video: Mainpur’s Bittan Devi Says She Wants To Marry Prime Minister Narendra Modi

A video of a sweet old lady from Mainpuri, Bittan Devi saying that she wants to marry Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone viral now.

Pooja Dhar

December 4, 2020

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A video has been going viral on the internet that shows a sweet old Mainpuri woman who wants to marry PM Modi. Read further ahead to know what she has to say about the Indian Prime Minister.

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An old lady from Mainpuri, Bittan Devi, wants to give her 12 acres of land to Prime Minister Modi. She is very happy with the work done by the Prime Minister over the years. The lady has revealed that she has two sons but none of them take care of her and nor are they ready to take her responsibility in this old age. Bittan Devi reveals that it is only because of Prime Minister Modi that she can afford to even have food as he is the one who gives her the daily wage. Bittan Devi said that she wants to marry PM Modi and had even gone to the Mainpuri Tehsil in order to give all the land that belongs to her to PM Modi. She urges people to vote for Prime Minister Modi in the upcoming elections as she doesn’t only vote for him but also wants to transfer her land on his name. When Bittan Devi was asked about what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given to her or the people, she said that the Prime Minister has given them money, food to eat, and a better lifestyle.

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Many believe that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a lot of India and the people of India. He has also handled a largely populated country like India with great perfection even during a global pandemic. Currently, one of Prime Minister Modi’s main focus is on getting a Coronavirus Vaccine for the country and preventing any more people from dying.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently said that the Indian experts believe that the COVID-19 vaccine will be ready in a couple of weeks. He revealed that just as the scientists give a green signal, the vaccination in India will start on emergency basis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that healthcare and frontline workers and elderly people suffering from this virus will be given priority during the vaccination process.

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