Viral video: Hyderabad Constable Runs For 2 Km To Help An Ambulance Pass; Garners Praises On Social Media

A Hyderabad constable has gone viral on social media. All thanks to his quick thinking in helping an ambulance pass through the traffic safely and easily.

Tanvi Dhote

November 7, 2020

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A Hyderabad constable is winning hearts on the internet. It all started when this constable put the safety of an injured patient first over a busy road. He made sure that the traffic was cleared a quickly as possible to let an ambulance pass with ease. His quick thinking is getting him immense praise online. Watch this viral video below to know more about this heroic Hyderabad constable.

In the past few years, social media has become a new portal for people across the globe. Many new stories are now updated on social media first rather than traditional media. The boom of social media has also lead to an influx of viral videos. While some of these viral videos are brutal and gruesome, some of them are truly heart-warming and worth a share.

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Since the last few days, a video of a Hyderabad constable has gone viral on social media. This video shows this constable helping out an ambulance stuck in traffic. The video seems to have been shot from the same ambulance. This video shows, the Hyderabad constable clearing out the traffic for the ambulance.

As he moves along, he is seen interacting with people on bikes and in their cars. The constable is making sure that as he keeps on moving the traffic is further cleared. Thankfully, other people who are also stuck in traffic are giving the ambulance space to pass. In a way, this Hyderabad constable also risked his life to help the ambulance.

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According to the viral video, this Hyderabad constable ran for nearly 2 km to clear the traffic out. His diligence towards his job is clearly visible in this clip. No wonder, this video went viral on social media in no time. But while being a helpful constable on the street, he also made sure to wear a mask and follow the COVID-19 protocol.

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