Viral Video: Elephant Rages At Villagers In Madhya Pradesh After Being Sent Back Into The Forest

A video of an elephant raging towards the villagers after being sent back into the forest has been going viral on the internet.

Pooja Dhar

December 4, 2020

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Recently, a video has been going viral where an elephant is seen raging towards the villagers. This incident took place at a village in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Read further to know more about why the elephant got angry and how did the villagers get rid of the animal.

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Apparently, the elephant had entered the fields of these villagers who scared the animal away. But, angered at their attempts to get rid of him, the elephant fumed in anger and came running towards the villagers. While coming at the villagers, the elephant saw a deep well in front of him that was in between him and the villagers, he stopped and turned to go back into the forest.

In the recent past, many cases of elephant and human conflicts have been raised. This poses a great threat to the continued existence of elephants. Many studies based on the elephant and man conflicts that were held in Asia and Africa have resulted as “crop raiding” being one of the main reasons for the conflict between the two. The elephant-man conflict is also a result of the habitat being at a huge loss and even fragmentation. When elephants and human beings come into contact with each other, there have been conflicts that lead to severe injuries and also deaths of either of the two. In some of the recent cases, elephants have been killed by humans for many reasons other than ivory and habitat degradation, involving “pleasure” as one of the most registered results.

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Reports suggest that each year, not less than 100 human beings (can even go up to 300) and 50 elephants are killed by each other during the crop-raiding in India. The pattern in which crop-raiding takes place and also the immediate reason that urges elephants to raid crops vary from one another. Sometimes, elephants prefer feeding on crops grown by the people rather than feeding in the wild forage due to the higher nutritive palatability and content that field crops provide.

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