Viral Video: Customer Starts Crying During Haircut Upon Hearing Emotional Song in Salon

Watch this man break down into tears at a salon after his barber played an emotional song during his haircut there.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 8, 2021

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People tend to associate songs with various emotions and memories from their lives. While some may make a person ecstatic, some songs can quickly trigger a lot of sad emotions in a person as well. Recently when a customer heard an emotional song at a salon while getting his hair cut by a barber, he broke down crying due to it. And the hilarious video of this has taken the internet by a storm.

Watch the video here:

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Songs often remind people of various thoughts, feelings and events from their life. This can also quickly turn rather emotional, whether it is happy, sad or uncomfortable, for them. Something very similar happened to a man at a barbershop recently. When he arrived at the salon and began getting his hair cut by the barber, he heard an emotional Bollywood song that was being played there. This evidently triggered some of his deeper emotions, leading him to break down in a pool of tears in the middle of his haircut. And the undeniable humour quotient of this unusual situation got recorded in a video that later surfaced on social media.

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The barber simply could not contain his laughter at this, as it is probably not often that he finds a customer crying from listening to a song during their haircut at the salon. In the comical video, the customer can be seen bursting into tears while listening to the song play in the background while the barber has to stop cutting his hair to resume his giggles at the situation. The hilariousness of this event obviously amused the internet as the video soon went viral. The song playing in the salon, that made this specific customer cry was Sab Kuchh Bhula Diya from a Bollywood film named Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam. It literally made the customer cry so hard that he had to hide his face in a cloth while wiping his tears away with it at the same time.

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