Viral Video: Brave Doctor From UP Performs Crucial Surgery With The Help Of Flashlights

A viral video from UP shows a doctor from a district hospital perform a crucial surgery on a patient with the help of flashlights.

Tanvi Dhote

January 19, 2021

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A doctor from UP has gone viral on social media. The doctor performed a surgery with the help of a flashlight. The doctor’s selfless deed has many people applauding him on social media. Even the fellow villagers appreciated the doctor for abiding by his oath and helping a patient in need. Find out more details about this viral story below.

Social media is bringing the world closer with each passing day. Over the past few years, the web has seen an insurgence of viral content. Every day, a new video across the globe goes viral and creates headlines. While many of these videos are a source of entertainment, some of them are downright bizarre and unusual.

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But many viral videos often make us believe in the goodness present in people. A kind-hearted gesture seems to be appreciated online even if there is a language barrier. One such video that has gone viral on social media is of a doctor from Uttar Pradesh. A viral clip shows a doctor from Balliya district performing an emergency surgery in the hospital.

Unfortunately, when an emergency case landed at the hospital, the area experienced a power outage. But the show must go on. So, this doctor took it upon himself to save the patient’s life. He performed a surgery on a patient with the help of mobile flashlights. Many people gathered in the hospital’s emergency room and even witnessed the doctor saving the patient’s life.

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No wonder this video went viral on social media in no time. According to the hospital authorities, the patient’s emergency surgery and stitches were crucial. The hospital authorities even revealed that the local bodies had informed that the district will suffer from a power cut between 9 AM to 5 PM. The hospital’s generator suffered from some issues hence a power cut was seen.


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