Viral Video: An Elderly Violinist Fills Kolkata’s Streets With Bollywood Melodies

An old violinist showcases his talent in Kolkata’s streets in a viral video!

Tanvi Rumale

June 14, 2021

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Social media is a goldmine of talented people that go unnoticed all their lives. Often viral videos are about people who lead solitary and normal lives. Recently, a video of an old man silently playing Bollywood tunes on his violin has gone viral. The man is identified as Bhogoban Mali, a violinist who has suffered due to the pandemic and taken to the streets to perform his music. He was seen standing outside a shut shop and under a street light as she played songs like Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh, Diwana Hua Baadal and Kashmir Ki Kali. A user named Aarisf Shaah was the one to post the viral video on his Twitter channel. Within 5 minutes, the post picked up and people starting sharing and liking it.

The 2-minute long video showcases the elderly musician’s passion for music as he uncaringly plays music as passersby walk past him, with their attention on him. A woman even stopped behind the musician to listen to the music. Many Twitter users commended the artist for his talent, meanwhile some also spoke about the sad state of affairs as the musician does not earn enough while entertaining people during the lockdown.

The video has over 90K views and has 903 retweets! We hope this deserved artist gets more recognition!

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