Viral Video: Agra Man Gets Chased By Wife Holding A Knife After He Makes This Small Mistake

Check out this story to know why one shouldn’t try filmy dialogues on his wife, and how such a small mistake got an Agra man to run for his life.

Shrudi Shyam

June 24, 2021

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The internet is a funny place. Almost every day, we see some or the other thing go viral on the internet. While some of these viral videos enable people to help the ones in need, other times such videos are just a source of a good laugh. And recently, that’s exactly what happened. Remember the guy who kept complaining while paragliding, well, we have competition for him. A recent viral video features a man in Agra trying to outrun his wife, and it has to be one of the funniest things on the internet lately.

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This viral video features a man, who is crying and asking for help as he is running on a highway. The funny bit is, that he’s apparently running from his wife, who wants to slit his heart! Now, why is that you wonder? Because according to the man, his wife asked him, how much does he love her. He didn’t know what to answer and so decided to go all filmy on her.

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The man told her, “Dil chir ke dekh tera hi naam hogaa”. But unfortunately for him, his wife took it literally and now wishes to slit his heart and see if he was saying the truth. The man also says that she’s been chasing him with a knife for a day, and now he’s running on the Agra highway in a bid to escape her.

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The video came to light after Journalist Prashant Kumar took to his Twitter handle, to share this funny video with his followers. He captioned it as, “Because filmy dialogues don’t work with the wives!”. The video immediately went viral and currently has over 43K views.

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