Viral Video: A Jackal Gets Rescued From A Water Body In UP’s Sonbhadra

A video clip of a jackal being rescued from a water body is doing the rounds on the internet. Here is a look at the viral video.

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December 28, 2020

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Internet is a place where various videos go viral every day. During the last few months, several videos of animals have been doing the rounds on social media. Recently, one such video is going viral on the internet. In the video, a jackal is being rescued from a water body. A lot of people have been curious about the viral video in which the Jackal is stuck in a water body. For all the people wondering about the viral jackal video, here is everything you need to know about it.

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In the last few months, there have been many instances of wild animals venturing close to human territories. According to a report, the viral video is from UP’s Sonbhadra. The UP Police and local villagers rescued the golden jackal from a deep well in Sonbhadra. A concerned citizen had informed PETA about the golden jackal being stuck in the well. He had fallen off inside the well and was fighting for his life. In Mumbai, PETA India Lead Emergency Response Coordinator Deepak Chaudhary coordinated with local UP police who then rushed to the scene after getting this information.

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The jackal was exhausted after fighting for his life for several hours. He was also struggling to stay afloat in the well. With the help of helpful locals, the police managed to lower a net inside the well to get the golden jackal out of the water body. The people scooped up the animal with the net and hauled the jackal up with ropes. A lot of people can be seen in the video standing around the well waiting to see the animal rescued. The UP police and the team of PETA India rescued the wild animal who was unharmed with the help of local villagers.

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As soon as the golden jackal was rescued, he took off after reaching the solid ground. In the video, the wild animal is seen running away from the people after coming out of the well. The video is a great reminder for all the people to keep an eye out for such animals in distress and inform the authorities when found.

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