Viral Video: A Gigantic Monitor Lizard Enters A Supermarket In Thailand

Watch as a giant monitor lizard, which is a common inhabitant of Thailand, decided to visit a local supermarket and scale shelves.

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April 13, 2021

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Wild animals or reptiles can be quite scary in the woods, but what if you start finding them in your supermarket. People at a local supermarket in Thailand recently spotted a giant lizard knocking down the items on the shelves. Seeing the gigantic creature, the locals resorted to screaming only to further speeding the shelf climbing lizard. The viral video has become sensational with millions watching it and sharing it across the globe.

Watch the full video here:

The video that surfaced online was shot by a customer at the supermarket. In the video, a giant monitor lizard can be seen climbing on shelves at a 7 Eleven store in Thailand. The scary video was initially put up on the internet by travel agency Mundo Nomada and was picked up by netizens. The lizard seen could easily be around 6-foot long and weigh around 80-90 kg based on its appearance.

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The size of the lizard is believable as the shelf it climbed up was quite high by itself. The huge reptile is known as the monitor lizard and is commonly found in Thailand. However, such big ones are rare to be seen in the open. These creatures are natives of Africa and Asia. In a longer version of the video that surfaced later, it is evident that the lizard even tried to open the refrigerators inside the mart. While many netizens showed concern over the incident, some were merely intrigued by its actions.

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