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Vipin Sharma Accuses Ad Director Of Being Inconsiderate Towards Artists

Sania Kader

May 19, 2021

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Vipin Sharma recently opened up on a recent incident where he fought with an ad director. Have a look at the details on the story here.

Bollywood actor Vipin Sharma recently opened up on his encounter with a director which left him quite upset. According to a recent report, the actor was contacted by an ad director but he ended up having a feud with him over the details. He was of the opinion that there are a few directors who would not mind putting the life of an artist at risk, in the name of entertainment. Vipin Sharma rose to fame through his work in the Amol Gupte film, Taare Zameen Par. He has also worked in a variety of other critically acclaimed entertainers and a few endorsements. No director has reacted to the allegations put by Vipin Sharma and it is yet to be seen if the name of the director, in question, comes to the forefront.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Vipin Sharma’s recent encounter with an ad guru:

Bollywood actor Vipin Sharma recently narrated a personal experience on social media, calling out an ad director without mentioning his name. According to the video attached above, the actor was recently approached for an ad film but the discussion ended badly as the actor lost his cool. During the conversation, the actor asked the ad director what the commercial was about. The filmmaker refused to give out the details unless they agree to work on it together. This put Vipin Sharma in a spot and he reacted unpleasantly.

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The actor stated that he lost his cool because some of the directors do not care about the actor’s safety at all. Amidst such a pandemic, he believes the cooperation of the filmmaker is extremely necessary. He did not mention any names in the process but confirmed that he even ended up using a few abusive slangs at the end of the interaction. His fans have been supportive regarding the matter and believe that compromise must not be made in such situations.

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