Villagers Of Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur Tie A Man Who Was Stalking Two Schoolgirls To A Tree

A man was tied to a tree by villagers of Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh after two girls reported that he was stalking them.

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February 12, 2021

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Shajapur, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, recently reported a case where two girls bravely stood up to their stalker. The case was reported on 9 February. When two schoolgirls saw a man stalking them and felt unsafe, they alerted the villagers and the villagers took care of the stalker in their own way.

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When the media reached the spot and asked the girls what had happened, one of the girls said that she noticed the accused stalking her while she was heading home. She also said that he tried stopping her to talk to him, and when she called him out, he left the spot. The accused later began stalking the other girl, who said that when she spotted him, he left the spot once again.

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The girls, after noticing him stalking, alerted a shopkeeper, who called the other villagers and asked them for help. To their call, the villagers of Shajapur tied the accused to a tree and called the police. On being asked about the accusations, he denied the charges and said that he was only trying to reach his friends’ house. He also said that he called the girls ‘didi’ to ask them for help. The girls denied that he never addressed them as ‘didi’ and kept trying to stop them in their way, saying that he just wanted to talk.

Reportedly, the man has been accused of stalking schoolgirls of the Shajapur village on multiple occasions. The villagers taught the accused a lesson by tying him to a tree and handed him to the cops.

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