Vilayti Bhabhi Spoiler: Does Gulab Kaur Decide To Leave Home In The New Episodes?

Vilayti Bhabhi will return to tickle your funny bone on July 13! Before that, check out this huge spoiler from the next few episodes!


July 7, 2020


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Zee Punjabi serial, the laugh-riot Vilayti Bhabhi, is all set to bring back entertainment to your lives. Sandy (Kanwalpreet Singh), Emily (Isha Gupta), Gulab Kaur (Sushma Prashant), Jackson (Mandeep Mani), Binder (Charanpreet Maan), and Nawab (Gursewak Singh) will be back with a bang! These crazy characters will return on screen with fresh episodes from July 13. However, before that, we have a huge spoiler from the upcoming episodes for you!

Before that, let’s watch the latest episode here:

We have seen that after Gulab fires the house help, Nawab, Jhurlun enters the house with some hidden motives. He tries to steal money from Gulab Kaur. Emily and Nirmal (Damini K Shetty) keep a close watch on Jhurlun and plan to expose him in front of Sandy and others. Now here’s the spoiler. Jhurlun has actually been put up to these tricks by Sandy! When Gulab Kaur and the rest of the family find out, they are hurt. Here’s what Gulab has to say about it!

Jhurlun tries to steal jewellery from Gulab, but she catches him red-handed. Gulab tells Sandy to inform the cops, but then Sandy tells Gulab that the whole thing was his scheme to bring Nawab back. Nawab was being missed by everyone, but they couldn’t do anything because Gulab has ordered them not to bring Nawab back. So Sandy tricks Gulab. He wants her to realise Nawab’s worth. Gulab gets shocked and she decides to leave the house! It means we can expect laughter with a little dose of drama. We all know that Gulab is the trickiest of all, so it will be interesting to see what she will do in retaliation!

What do you think — will Nawab earn Gulab’s forgiveness easily? How will Sandy and the others convince Gulab? What will be the future of Emily’s English Coaching Class? Share your views in the comment section below.

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