Vilayti Bhabhi: 5 Times Gulab Kaur Aka Sushma Prashant Proved That She’s The Boss


June 16, 2020


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1. Gulab orders Emily and Sandy's wedding

The Punjabi TV serial Vilayti Bhabhi is a show that is filled with whacky characters. One of the goofiest characters is the head of the family, Sandy’s (Kanwalpreet Singh) granny Gulab Kaur (Sushma Prashant). However, apart from being goofy, she is bossy too. She likes it when people obey her and fear her presence. So here we are with the moments when Gulab Kaur took some tough calls.

Sandy returns home with his newly-wedded wife Emily (Isha Gupta), but when Gulab gets to know that they have not had a traditional wedding ceremony, she stands between them like a wall and instructs them to get married as per Sikh tradition first. She makes sure that they obey her. Gulab drags Emily away from Sandy and asks them to live in different rooms until the wedding.

2. When Beeji says no to Maafi

When Emily and Sandy start their English coaching, the Sarpanchini turns against them and she orders the closure of their classes. Sarpanchini and Gulab are always at loggerheads. Gulab misbehaves with the Sarpanchini, which makes the matter worse. Sandy and Nirmal tell Gulab to apologise to Sarpanchini, and she agrees to a ceasefire just for her bahu Emily. The next day, she goes to Sarpanchini’s place with Sandy and her rubaab and she ends up fighting there as well. Gulab ko jukhana muskil hi nahi….namumkin hai. 

3. When Gulab instructs Nirmal to spy on Emily

Due to some misunderstanding, Sandy’s over-dramatic mother Nirmal thinks that Emily might be having an affair with someone from the village. Nirmal can’t keep anything to herself, so she shares this with Gulab. At first, Gulab rubbishes Nirmal’s allegations, but then she orders Nirmal to keep a close eye on Emily and her classes. Nirmal can’t control her habit of making a mountain out of a molehill, so, Gulab shuts her down and orders her to only maintain observation over her vilaytan. 

4. A saas who plans her daughter-in-law's Valentine's Day

Have you seen a mother-in-law who plans a Valentine’s Day evening for her daughter-in-law? We know you haven’t, that is why we call Gulab ‘Beeji Cool’. She plans for Valentine’s Day before Emily can do so. Gulab is surprised to see that Emily has no interest in celebrating the special day. Thus she emphasises and orders Emily to get herself ready for a candlelight dinner.

5. When Gulab decides to replace Nawab

Nawab is the one in the family who understands Gulab best. Nawab is more than a servant of the house. However, Gulab gets angry at Nawab when he says that he wants to get married to Surilee and quit his job. At first, Gulab exposes Nawab in front of Surilee. When Nawab tells her that he’s leaving the house, she doesn’t stop him. In fact, she instructs others not to do so. Gulab quickly arranges Nawab’s replacement and she instructs everyone in her family to forget Nawab.

So these are the incidents where Gulab shows everyone that she’s the boss. Let us know what you think about Gulab in the comment section below.

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