Vilayti Bhabhi: 5 Moments That Show That Nawab Saab Is The Masterkey Of Sandy’s House


May 14, 2020


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1. When Nawab charges money to see Emily

There is one character in the Punjabi TV serial Vilayti Bhabhi who is always interesting and entertaining. Even though he is the house-help of Sandy’s (Kanwalpreet Singh) family, he knows how to crack down on problems. Nawab (Guru Sewak) is adorably smart and there are moments when he has proved his mastery of jugaad. Read on to find out.

When Sandy returned home with his wife Emily (played by Isha Gupta), they get a warm welcome from the villagers. Everyone is ecstatic to meet their vilaytan bhabhi. However, they arrive home in a muddy state and Sandy’s friends fail to get a glimpse of Emily. The next day, everyone is standing outside Sandy’s door to get a glimpse of Emily. Gulab Kaur wants to keep people at a distance and thus Nawab intervenes and stands in front of the house. He says that if they want to see the newly-wedded daughter-in-law, they have to pay for it. And thus he collects money from everyone.

2. When Nawab threatens suicide

Nawab gets to know that Sandy is penniless and has some plans. Sandy decides to open an English grooming class for the village. Somehow, he manages to convince Emily to give the classes and the villagers  to take them. The classes begin, but then due to jealousy, the Sarpanchini tells Sandy that he cannot continue with these classes. Sandy tries to get Gattu (the Sarpanchini’s son) on his side. He also tries to fake a hunger strike to protest his mother’s decision about Emily’s classes. But the Sarpanchini remains unaffected. Then Nawab takes up the mantle and he threatens to commit suicide. This trick also goes in vain, but one can’t ignore Nawab’s sincere attempt.

3. Nawab plans to stop Binny's wedding

Binny is forced into marriage and she is not ready for it. While Emily and Sandy are worried about stopping the marriage, they’re unable to think of a way to do it. However, Nawab comes up with an interesting plan. He shares it with Sandy and Emily, and the next day, they convince Sawaal Singh to be disguised as a sadhu. The plan is to send Sawaal Singh to Binny’s house and have him discourage Binny’s father and tell him to cancel the wedding.

4. When Nawab plans to spike Emily's drink

Emily is afraid of colours and she decides not to play Holi. Now everyone including Sandy wants Emily to play Holi but her fear of colours is killing the fun. Gulab, Nirmal and Nawab discuss this and Nawab comes up with a plan to spike Emily’s thandaai with bhaang. Even though Gulab rejects the idea, she secretly winks at Nawab in approval. The next day, Nawab secretly adds bhaang to the drink, but before Emily drinks it, everyone else tastes it and thus it creates chaos.

5. When Nawab helps Jackson

As Jackson is after Smiley (who is actually Binder), he tries to impress her at various occasions. Sandy, Emily and Binder decide to play with Jackson to teach him a lesson. Smiley agrees to go on a date with Jackson. The next day, when Smiley and Jackson leave for the date, his bike breaks down. Jackson tries to start it but he is unable to do so. Nawab comes to Jackson and offers his help. At first, Jackson ignores him, but then Nawab actually does wonders and starts the bike. Actually, Nawab had disconnected the spark-plug of the bike and thus he was able to repair it so quickly. When Jackson is leaving, Nawab stops him and asks him to pay for the service. This is his way of troubling Jackson.

These moments are concrete enough to prove that Nawab is a trouble-maker and a problem-solver at same time. Now after he has left Sandy’s house, no one can match up to Nawab’s level. You tell us what you like the most about Nawab in the comment section below.

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