Vilayti Bhabhi: 4 Times Sandy And Emily Gave Us Major Couple Goals


May 22, 2020


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1. Always be open to learning something new

What makes the Zee Punjabi serial Vilayti Bhabhi an entertaining sitcom? Its unique concept, the apt cast of Kanwalpreet Singh, Isha Gupta, Sushma Prashant, Damini.K.Shetty and Guru Sewak, and the freshness of the lead pair, Sandy and Emily. Check out some of the qualities that make this couple one of our favourite on-screen pairs!

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Now, this is something we hate to admit. We tend to prove that we know everything and we hate taking criticism. But Emily (Isha Gupta) knows that since she has married a person who comes from a different culture, she must adapt to his world. From day one, Emily proves herself as a learner and no one in Sandy’s (Kanwalpreet Singh) house mocks her for not knowing the traditional values. Sandy rejoices in the fact that Emily is different from others. He loves his bholi Emily who is unique and a quick learner.

2. Colour and nationality don't matter in love

Yup, this is another fact that proves true love. Emily is a firangan and our Sandy is pind da munda, but the duo still manages to look like a power couple. They support each other, embrace each other’s uniqueness and stand firmly together when their family values are concerned. There is a myth that foreigners usually don’t get involved with our desi taur-tarike, but that doesn’t apply to our Emily. She knows how to pay respects at the Gurudwara Sahib, she knows how to respect elders and she even knows how to be polite while standing up for something she believes in.

3. Respect each other's boundaries

Emily and Sandy are from different worlds, brought up in different ways. So when they started a life together, they did not expect every cultural custom to be followed by their partner. With time, things settled down. Emily was initially not ready to take English classes. Sandy tried to reason with her but when she did not listen, Sandy took a step back for a while. When Emily refused to play Holi with his family, Sandy didn’t fight with her. Similarly, after Nawab left their house, Emily was against any other house help and wanted him back, but she’s didn’t force the family to listen to her. Sandy or Emily never insist on something that the other person does not want. This respect for boundaries is what makes their union an enduring one.

4. Be open to true love

This one is for all those boys and girls who are still looking for their life partner. A pretty soul like Emily does exist and a supportive chalak munda like Sandy is also out there. However, they are rare to find, and that’s what makes them so special. If you want a girl like Emily, be like Sandy who embraces his life partner and believes in her. If you want a gabru like Sandy, then be flexible and adaptable like Emily. What is most important is that you believe in the possibility of a perfect love.

So these are the lessons that Emily and Sandy gave us. Let us know what they taught you in the comments section below.

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