Vilayti Bhabhi: 4 Qualities Of Emily Aka Isha Gupta That We Can Totally Adopt


June 23, 2020


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1. Adaptability

The Punjabi TV show Vilayti Bhabhi gives you family goals with a heavy dose of laughter. The premise of the show revolves around Sandy (Kanwalpreet Singh), his firangan wife Emily (Isha Gupta), and their English coaching class. Emily is a character that has beauty, brains, and a heart of gold. Let’s discuss some qualities that one can pick up from Emily.

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The first and foremost quality that defines Emily is her amenable and adaptable nature. Emily hails from a different world altogether, but she has been gracious enough to adapt to her new world — Sandy’s pind. Emily has made lifestyle changes without uttering a word. She has embraced logistical changes like roasting rotis on a chulla, and respects her in-laws as tradition demands.

2. Being a quick learner

Since Emily is so prone to embrace new things, she is also a quick learner. The biggest example of this quality is Emily speaking in Punjabi. Within weeks of getting married, she started learning the language. The most humble quality of a teacher is the readiness to learn at any stage, at any age, from anyone. That’s the reason Emily does her job so well. One should be ready to learn new things from every possible source.

3. Tackling challenges head-on

Emily is a florist by profession, so teaching adults and senior citizens is a tough challenge for her. But her strong will and conviction push her to shine as a teacher too. Agar ek baar Emily ne kuch thaan liya, toh phir usse koi rok nahi sakta. This determination to tackle challenges head-on is what makes Emily so adaptable.

4. Humility

Emily is the unlikeliest person to play mind games or gossip about others. Emily knows how to be grounded and not be arrogant about anything. The way she treats everyone in the village speaks volumes about her. Emily considers their house servant Nawab (Gursewak Singh) as her brother….ab isse zyada kya chahiye kehne ko. This is something we should look into adopting from a girl like Emily.

So these are the essential qualities of Emily that will bring a positive change in your life. Let us know about your views about Emily in the comment section below.

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