Vikas Dubey Incident: Injured Bithoor Cop Recalls The Horrific Shootout

Injured cop SO Kaushalendra Pratap gives details about the Kanpur shootout that took the lives of eight policemen.

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July 6, 2020

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The horrific incident involving gangster Vikas Dubey has shaken the whole country. And now, a video has emerged which shows injured Station Officer of Bithoor Police Station, Kaushalendra Pratap Singh, narrate in great detail everything that transpired on the fateful night when cops who had gone to arrest Dubey were ambushed, leaving eight of them dead. Injured cop Kaushalendra Pratap Singh can be heard saying in the video, “We left our police station for the raid at around 12.30 a.m. We reached the location at around 01.00 a.m.”

He added, “We parked our cars around two kilometres away from the location and walked from there. He (Vikas Dubey) had blocked the road with a JCB. As we started moving closer to his house, bullets were fired at us from all sides.” Kaushalendra Pratap Singh further tells us that the ambush sent the entire raid team in panic. The policemen did retaliate and started firing back, but they were at a disadvantage position since the gang members of Dubey were stationed on elevated positions. Vikas Dubey still remains absconding, even as the bounty on his head has been increased to Rs 2.5 lakh.

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