Vijay, Mohan Das, Gagan: Inspiring Characters From Sensational Kannada Films

These actors are not only performers but also a source of inspiration to everyone. Here’s why!


February 7, 2020


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The time is nearing and it’s a happy day for ZEE5 as it turns 2 this February 14th! Since it is also a day of love, it only makes sense to celebrate this day with some of the most inspiring characters from the most sensational and happening films streaming only on ZEE5! Here are three characters with all the qualities that one must possess in order to be a hero in your own manner!

Take a look!

Vijay—Kismath (2018)


Kismath revolves around the story of Vijay who is unemployed and is in dire need to repay a loan. This process of having to repay this certain amount creates a number of obstacles in his life. He is honest and truthful in the way he goes about this task, resists all sorts of temptations that come his way, and chooses to take the right path.  While everyone around him tries to entice him into committing crimes so that he can earn a decent amount of money, Vijay stands strong and solves his problems with honesty. As they say, honesty is the best policy!

Mohan Das—Thayige Thakka Maga (2018)

Thayige Thakka Maga (2018)

A still from Mohan Das 

Thayige Thakka Maga is an action film that follows the life of Mohan Das played by Ajai Rao, who decides to wipe out the crimes in his city. The story follows his relationship with his mother who also happens to be a lawyer and the inspiration that he draws from her to make a change in the city. His will to do the same causes a war of sorts between him and a corrupt minister who then attacks his mother to seek vengeance. His mother is always his priority and he is also shown as being grateful to her for everything that she has done for him. This is something we often forget on a daily basis with regard to our parents. Don’t you agree?

Gagan—Natasaarvabhowma (2019)

Source: ZEE5

Puneet Rajkumar as Gagan in Natasaarvabhowma

Puneeth Rajkumar plays Gagan Dixit, an investigative journalist, who travels from Kolkata to Bengaluru in search of his friend and also for a job. As an upcoming journalist, his determined nature to expose a corrupt union minister Ghanashyam Yadav makes his channel widely popular. Not only is he courageous enough to fight against a powerful minister but also stands his ground on the same. These are qualities that all of us can get inspired from and imbibe in our daily lives. What say?

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