Video Of Baby Skiing Goes Viral On Social Media, Netizens Impressed With The Young Talent

In a video that went viral on the internet, a baby can be seen performing a water adventure activity much to the amazement of viewers.

Aboli Vaze

July 1, 2021

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A lot of videos of adorable babies often go viral on social media. They are often seen doing adorable antics in the videos, and the netizens love it. These videos are shared on various platforms of social media, leaving the users in awe. Recently, one such video of a rather talented baby is making rounds on the internet and the netizens cannot get enough of it. In the short clip, a baby can be seen performing a water adventure activity much to the amazement of viewers.

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In the video, a small baby can be seen skiing and he looks quite happy doing it. Wearing all the necessary protective types of equipment, the baby is confidently skiing in the water. Next to him is a boat, which is moving parallel to the baby. On the boat, a man is sitting and is constantly monitoring the baby.

Even though the baby skied solo for the majority of the video, the man had to lend a bit of support towards the end. Once he helped the baby regain balance, he withdrew his hand and let the baby ski on his own. As per reports, he is being called the world’s youngest water skier and has left the netizens are really impressed with him.

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Videos of such talented kids often go viral on social media. Last week, a young boy from India went viral for his supreme yoga skills. As it turns out, the 9-year-old holds several records and accolades for yoga and often shares his yoga videos on social media. His videos are loved by the fans and they appreciate the young talent a lot. In an interview, he shared that he learned yoga from his mother. She taught him the ancient practice by watching youtube videos and such.

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