Video Of A Tigress Giving ‘Swimming Lessons’ To Her Newborn Cubs Goes Viral; Watch!

Recently a video of a tigress surfaced on the internet and it has received big thumbs from the netizens for all the right reasons.

Aboli Vaze

February 22, 2021

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Yet another video of an animal has gone viral on social media. This time, it is that of a tigress and her cubs ‘swimming’ in a pond. Recently, video of a tigress surfaced on the internet and it has received big thumbs up from the netizens for all the right reasons. Watch the news to find more details about this viral video on a tigress and her cubs swimming in a lake. Take a look.

Cute animal videos often go viral on the internet, sending the netizens in a frenzy. Sometimes, they are of animals playing instruments and doing other adorable antics, and sometimes they are about animals interacting with humans. This time, the viral video is about a tigress teaching her newborn cubs how to swim in a pond, and it is quite heartwarming.

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In the video, a tigress can be seen giving swimming lessons to her cubs. Of her two cubs, one can be seen swimming adorably in the pond while the other cub is with his mother. The protective tigress has held one of her cubs in the mouth to help him cross the waters. As per the reports, these cubs were newly born and their mother was giving them ‘swimming lessons’ soon after their birth.

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In the video, the wild animal can be seen cautiously walking in the pond. Meanwhile, one of her cubs is trying to stay afloat in the water while moving forward. After a while, the swimmer cub can be seen getting latched to his mother’s leg as they all cross the pond together. The wild animal, who is otherwise quite wary of her surroundings, seemed at ease in the video.

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