Vennila Ties A Bell At Kaattil Mekkathil Temple; All You Need To Know About The Tradition

Traditions and customs have always been a part of our culture. More than a belief system this is and has been our way of life.

June 4, 2019


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Traditions and customs have always been a part of our culture. More than a belief system this is and has been our way of life. So, when Nakshathra who is well known as Vennila from Yaaradi Nee Mohini visited the Kaattil Mekkathil Temple, at Ponmana, near Chavara it did ring a bell(s).

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As the Kaattil Mekkathil Temple is famous for its tradition, where devotees tie these little bells around the big banyan tree in hope of getting a solution for their problems. Interestingly, this temple is believed to have combined the ancient traditions of the Aryans with that of the Dravidians. Situated at a place where the Arabian Sea meets Thiruvananthapuram – Shoranur canal, the only route that you can opt for reaching this temple is to take a ferry ride.

The first thing that would you notice, the moment you step down from the boat, is the gentle sea breeze and the sound of the thousand bells. The main deity of this temple is Bhadrakali, an incarnation of Goddess Durga. Every day of the year, this temple witnesses the flow of thousands of devotees who come from all over the country to tie the sacred bells on the tree.

Kaattil Mekkathil Devi
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The method of tying the bell is also quite interesting. Thus, the devotees take seven rounds of the tree before they tie the bell. And during the seventh round, one is supposed to make a wish which, according to the popular belief, will be fulfilled.

Kaattil Mekkathil Temple
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The tree is covered with such bells tied by the devotees. Surprisingly, the tradition of tying the bell has nothing to do with the history of the temple. In fact, there is a local story that is popular amongst the devotees. It is believed that it was an employee of the temple who first tied the bell. He had found a loose bell which had fallen off onto the ground from the temple’s flagstaff. But when he tied this bell, he felt a gush of positivity and relief. Thereby, sowing the seed of this belief and tradition.

So, if you are ever planning to visit the temple, make sure to take part in this tradition. Who knows what destiny has in store for you. Do you know more such facts about the temple? Let us know in the comments below!

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