Venkatesh is enjoying quietly: In no rush to sign new projects

Drushyam 2, is also available on the OTT platform. He is not in any rush to sign new projects at the moment, and he is in a relaxed mood.


September 11, 2021


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Venkatesh received praise for his outstanding performance in Narappa that debuted on the OTT platform a few months ago and was a huge hit. Venkatesh, who has been a hit with a streak of remake films, is currently working on a new Malayalam film that would be released soon.

When Venkatesh adapted and released the Malayalam film Drishyam in Telugu under the same title, he made a breakthrough. He has recently remade the Malayalam film Drishyam 2 in Telugu as a sequel.  Surprisingly, his next film, Drushyam 2, is also available on the OTT platform too. Venkatesh is almost finished with F2. He is not in any rush to sign new projects at the moment, and he is in a relaxed mood.

Makers of Venkatesh Daggubati, Priyamani’s ‘Narappa’ give details about upcoming film

Not in the pipeline at the moment

Aside from F2, Venkatesh does not have any other confirmed engagements. His next project is a Telugu version of Vikram Vedha that is currently in the works. The scripting is currently in progress. Venkatesh is not in the mood to sign new projects right now, and he prefers to focus on content-driven films in the future.

The public’s reaction to the film’s release has been mixed, especially because filming and post-production are already underway. According to some sources, this is a traditional theatrical release, but others claim it is an OTT release. As a result, Venky’s admirers grew outraged. Narappa has already been released on OTT, and Venkatesh does not appear to be enjoying the same level of success.

Fans are also curious as to how Drishyam 2 would be published in OTT. In this situation, Venkatesh will cancel his contract with OTT and release the film to the general audience in theatres. The crew will announce the film’s release date soon. Venkatesh has a new deal in place that allows him to screen one or two of his films in theatres before releasing them on OTT. The public will have to wait and watch how Drishyam 2 performs on the big screen.

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