Vazandar Actress Priya Bapat’s Message On Menstrual Cramps Shouldn’t Be Missed!

The actress discusses menstrual cramps, intimate hygiene and the need for women to take adequate rest during the lockdown.

Ankita Tiwari

April 24, 2020


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Priya Bapat has acted in some of the most groundbreaking films. Her works like Vazandar, Kaak Sparsh, and Gachchi have always broken societal stereotypes and brought forth new ways of thinking. Priya and her husband Umesh Kamat have been sharing positive messages related to mental health on their social media pages amidst the ongoing lockdown. Priya keeps motivating her fans to stay fit and regularly posts pictures of herself doing Yoga. But the actress had been inactive on social media for the last two days and her fans were worried. Priya revealed that she was experiencing severe menstrual cramps and hence couldn’t be available online to post her workout pictures.

Watch Priya’s film Gachchi, which deals with the importance of addressing mental health here.

The actress stated that she has always gone through a lot of pain during the first two days of her menstrual cycle and has even had to take painkillers for the same. Priya added that she has learnt of an essential workout and healthy diet to cope with the cramps without taking medicine. But the beauty adds that she still needs some rest and me-time during the first two days of the cycle. Through her post, Priya has attempted to break the stigma surrounding menstruation by addressing it openly. The actress has also highlighted that menstrual cramps can be severe for some women and that it’s completely okay for them to take a step back and take complete rest, even if it means not doing household work for those days, amidst the ongoing lockdown. Read her post here:

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Oh so many of you messaged me that you are missing my workout photos. Oh yes I am missing it too. But I will be back in just 2 days. I feel it is now a comfortable space where I can and I should talk about it. The reason why I couldn’t workout for past 2 days is because I get massive premenstrual cramps. And it is impossible for me to even get out of the bed. Over the past few years due to my good workout, and good stretching, it is in much control. But I still need to take rest for those two days. And thus the break from the workout routine. Earlier I used take a pain killer but in last 4 years with great workout habits, I don’t need one anymore. I try my best to bear with the pain.. . Why sharing this today is because when you are stuck in a situation like today’s time premenstrual cramps can cause even more mental stress, irritation and mood swings. And one just needs to accept it and go slow for those 2 days. You need to tell yourself that this is ‘your time’ and it is ok if you don’t do household work and just lie down. Don’t feel guilty. You are doing great. And you will continue to do so. . P.S – All you girls out there do take care of your intimate hygiene too. And share your stories if you feel like. #takecare #takerest #staysafe #stayhome #premenstrualcramps

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Priya’s message is much-needed, especially in this tough time where most of us are battling lockdown blues and trying our best to stay motivated. Each one of us is striving to get a balanced mind and body within the interiors of our home. But it’s also important to rest especially during menstruation, as highlighted by Priya. The actress states that women should not feel guilty for skipping chores during their periods. She asked her female fans to also maintain intimate hygiene and share stories of their experiences.

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