Vartul: Will Vikram Return Meenakshi’s Property Papers?

In the latest episode of Vartul, we saw Meenakshi asking Vikram to return their property papers. But, will he do it?

Manjiri Shete

July 4, 2019


2 min


The Marathi TV show, Vartul has been a spiral of plot twists and suspense. Each episode, there is a tennis match brewing between Meenakshi and Vikram who can’t get enough of attacking each other. Recently, we saw Vikram trying to take his revenge on Meenakshi by messing with Abhi’s business. Along with this, he lied to Meenakshi’s family and pressurised them to return the money they had borrowed from him. After paying the loan taken from Vikram, Meenakshi asked him to give back their property papers. Will Vikram be able to do it?

Watch the latest episode of Vartul, before you proceed further:

In Vartul, we are left wanting for more as the drama in Meenakshi’s life doesn’t seem to cease. After being a damsel in distress for the longest time, Meenakshi underwent a massive personality transformation. She went from playing the victim to standing up for herself. In the last episode, Vikram tried to play evil games on her in-law’s when he arm-twisted them into returning his money. Meenakshi knew Vikram real agenda but she had to be quiet having no proof to validate her allegations. Now, that Abhi has finally paid Vikram’s loan, Meenakshi quickly asked the latter to return their property papers. Vikram, who didn’t see this coming through, was shocked. We wonder if Vikram will stay true to his word and give back these important papers.

Unfortunately for Vikram, Meenakshi asked him this question in front of everyone. As the situation became awkward, all eyes were on Vikram who was trapped. Meenakshi, on the other hand, acted innocent.

The drama on Vartul will continue, but, we would love to know from you if Meenakshi made the right move? Our comments section is always open to know your thoughts.

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