Vartul Weekly Update: Tejas Kills Baba, Meenakshi Gets Blamed

In Vartul, Tejas murders Baba while he has gone out with Meenakshi. The blame of this falls upon Meenakshi who is innocent.

Manjiri Shete

April 22, 2019


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Last week in Vartul, Abhijeet asks Meenakshi why she doesn’t like Tejas and his relationship with Soha. Meenakshi has also been rude to Atya Aai for which she is asking forgiveness. She asks Abhijeet to take her to Atya Aai who is still thinking about the rude things Meenakshi has spoken. She apologises to Atya Aai but she is not forgiven.

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Baba finds proof of Meenakshi’s previous marriage. He asks Abhijeet to come home as he wants to reveal Meenakshi’s secret. As Abhijeet comes home, he sees a broken frame in their bedroom. After asking his wife, he is told that the frame broke because of Baba’s mistake. Then, Abhijeet goes to Baba and narrates the incident when the same frame was stolen by a robber. Baba doesn’t tell Abhijeet the truth.

A scene from Vartul.
A scene from Vartul.

Baba goes to Tejas’ place and starts looking around everywhere suspiciously. Baba tells Tejas that he wants to meet his parents to talk about Soha. On hearing this, Tejas has a disappointed expression on his face. Meanwhile, he hires fake artists to be his parents. On the other hand, Baba talks to Meenakshi about Tejas who reveals she was married to him once upon a time.

A scene from Vartul.
A scene from Vartul.

Atya Aai asks Baba why he was rude to Tejas. She also confronts him about his chat with Meenakshi. Atya Aai promises Soha that she will take care of Baba. Meanwhile, Tejas threatens the con artists if they ever reveal this anywhere, he will kill them. He calls Meenakshi to ask her if she has told Baba anything as he is suspicious. Meenakshi denies ever doing so as Tejas says he will kill her husband. Tejas then murders Baba and Meenakshi is blamed for it.

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