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Valentine’s Day special: Here’s what Gourab Chatterjee, Swastika Dutta, and others might like as gifts!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 13, 2021

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Here are a few adorable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for some of your favourite Zee Bangla stars that we thought they might love receiving this year.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, many people are still looking for gifts to give their significant others. Gifting is a sign of love and appreciation which most people are glad to be on the receiving end of. While some opt to give their partners cute outfits or accessories, others take a simpler route with flowers and desserts. Some also choose to go an artistic, creative or customisable way. So we began wondering what our beloved actors such as Neel Bhattacharya or Swastika Dutta would love to receive on the occasion.

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Gourab Chatterjee

Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni‘s Gourab Chatterjee, who plays the role of Mathurbabu, seems to have a great deal of interest in cycling and fitness. The actor might be highly appreciative of a gift consisting of cycling gear and accessories, and even fresh new activewear. Sports shoes, activewear set, cycling goggles and a helmet, would make for an ideal gift for Gourab.

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Mishmee Das

Playing the role of Sunaina, Krishnakoli‘s Mishmee Das recently got herself a little puppy. And we all can see how adorable of a dog mom she has turned into, ever since. Therefore, we thought of the perfect gift idea. We think a cute hamper filled with puppy grooming products, chew toys, treats, a miniature tennis ball, a leash and a collar would be an absolute delight for Mishmee.

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Krushal Ahuja

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay‘s Krushal Ahuja, who plays the role of Karna Sen, loves travelling and all things adventure. We believe surprising him with and taking him on a spontaneous road trip to a location of your choice would be an extremely thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

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Swastika Dutta

Swastika Dutta who plays Radhika Sen in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay has always taken ample interest in food. She indulges in her favourite items from time to time, especially chocolates. So getting her either a large assortment of various chocolates or a cute package of unique handmade ones could really melt her heart.

Susmita Dey

Susmita Dey, Aparajita Apu‘s Apu, loves to model various makeup looks and outfits. So gifting her a whole new set of cosmetic and skincare products might be ideal this Valentine’s Day. Makeup products are for her to experiment with new and vibrant looks she would like to try out, and skincare ones are for her to nurture and protect her skin afterwards.

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Neel Bhattacharya

From what we see, Krishnakoli‘s Neel Bhattacharya, who plays the role of Nikhil, seems to be an exceptionally romantic man. A huge bouquet of flowers with a card or a simple V-day themed accessory might be an adorable gift for him. A red tie, cufflinks or even a pocket square with a bouquet of red roses could easily put a massive smile on Neel’s face, do you agree?

Rubel Das

Jamuna Dhaki‘s Rubel Das, who plays the role of Sangeet Ray, is a fitness freak and absolutely loves his time at the gym. So, a Valentine’s Day gift consisting of trendy workout clothes and stylish gym accessories might be a total delight for the actor.

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