Valentine’s Day special: Chembarathi’s Akhila and Krishnan are the perfect pair in a patriarchal setting

Akhila and Krishnan stand out as the perfect couple who respect each other’s position, all the while accepting the patriarchal setting laid down by their ancestors.

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February 9, 2021



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The Thrichambarath family in Chembarathi is no less than a royal family that enjoys their social status. The family has been business owners for decades and they truly embrace their culture. Be it Akhilandeshwari or Krishnan, each one at the household respects and follows the rules that have been laid down by their ancestors. However, unlike many families in the ancestral settings of Kerala, Akhila and Krishnan stand out differently.

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The original Trichambarath family, like many other joint families, had a patriarchal setting. This is visible from the actions and salutations of the current generation. For instance, when Ganga wanted to take up the family name with her own, Akhila guided her to conduct an ancestral Puja keeping the personal belongings of their ancestors along with the gods.

Akhila and Krishnan vouch for Das (source:ZEE5)
Source: ZEE5

Unsurprisingly, the ornaments and prized possessions of the ancestors included materials men use. From strong walking sticks to men’s wooden sandals, the ancestral values of the family were visible in them. The effects of their original family values are also visible from the way they treat their workers. For instance, when the family was overwhelmed by Das’ service, they decided to compensate him with a lot of money, or even an ancestral chain.

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Even though Thrichambarath enjoys their living culture and stature, the current generation is quite different. It goes without saying that Akhilandeshwari is the most powerful person in the family. Arguably, Krishnan also holds this power, but it is Akhila who makes all the major decisions while Krishnan chooses to take up the role of an advisor in most scenarios.

Akhila and Krishnan go to the community marriage hall (source:ZEE5)
Source: ZEE5

Akhila, who helms the throne at Thrichambarath, loves her husband and unlike many other couples, Krishnan enjoys his role too. Krishnan doesn’t mind leaving most of the things to his wife, unlike many male heads of families in a patriarchal setting. He accepts his role and is aware of his value. He is fine with following his wife’s decisions and in turn advises his sons that it is okay to do so. It is safe to say that Akhila and Krishnan make for the perfect couple, despite the social setting they live in.

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