Valentine’s Day Special: 5 reasons to look up to Chembarathi’s Anand and Kalyani as a couple

Have a look at these times when Anand and Kalyani proved that they are the perfect couple others must look up to.

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February 3, 2021



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We all love watching Kalyani and Anand in Chembarathi. The duo, ever since they shared their first romantic moment together, has made us all root for them. Stuck in constant troubles caused by the people around them, Anand and Kalyani’s rebellious love story is beautiful to watch. With one coming from a rich and prestigious family and the other working there as a maid, the duo’s undying love and care for each other sets the bar up high for anyone to follow. Here are some of those special moments when they proved that they are the perfect couple to look up to.

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Lift each other up

A good couple knows how to lift each other up when they are down. When Kalyani is having a tough time, we can often see Anand go the extra mile to lift her up and vice versa. Watching Anand rush to the outhouse and even make tea for Kalyani is always a treat. Kalyani can often be seen returning the favour by giving Anand the best talks to find his motivation.

Anand and Kalyani discuss their doubts regarding Priyanka (source:ZEE5)
Source: ZEE5

Protect each other

Anand and Kalyani’s love is rebellious and they often have none but each other to turn to, in need. Even though Kalyani is just a maid, Anand knows how to keep her protected from the wicked people inside the family. From slapping Vilasini for stomping on Kalyani to cooking up lies to protect her from Akhila’s wrath, Anand knows how to keep Kalyani safe. The same applies the other way too.

Hardest goodbyes

Most recently, we saw things turn for the worst as Kalyani was forced to leave Thrichambarath without even saying goodbye to her partner. This broke Anand and in what is a saddening scene, we see him sitting devastated over this at the outhouse. Soon after, we saw the biggest smile on Anand as Akhila decided to get Dasan and Kalyani back.

Anand consoles Kalyani (Source:ZEE5)
Source: ZEE5

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The secret meetings

Anand and Kalyani can’t openly meet as it is too risky, thus their secret meetings become their haven. It is at these meetings that we see the duo in their most real selves. With the two opening their hearts out to each other, joking, motivating, and sharing the warmth with a hug, these meetings bring out their best of each other.

Kalyani with anand
Source: ZEE5

Away from family

Anand loves his family and there is hardly anything that he puts above his family. He loves Akhila and is loyal to her in every way possible. Anand deciding to marry Kalyani is probably the only time we saw him hide such a big secret from his mother and do something without her permission. Anand doing everything in his reach to complete the wedding without anyone knowing proved how much he cared about his relationship with Kalyani.

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