Uttarakhand Gets its First Eco-Bridge in Ramnagar For Safeguarding Reptiles

Uttarakhand, also popularly knows as the Devbhoomi has now constructed a 90-ft long eco-bridge to protect the reptiles species.

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The state of Uttarakhand got its first eco-bridge which is built across the Ramnagar Forest Division. The one-of-its-kind bridge now stands tall in the Kala Dungri range highway. The entire bridge is made out of bamboo, ropes and grass. The dimension of the eco-bridge is about 90-ft long and 5-ft wide. The forest department claims that the main aim behind creating the bridge is to save the reptiles species being killed by vehicles. Take a look:

Ramnagar Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Chandra Shekhar Joshi said that the main aim behind creating the bridge was to safeguard the reptiles species who often get killed in a road accident. While sharing its dimension, the officer also added that since it was their very first initiative, hence the authorities did not want to use cement. Instead, they wished to create the bridge using natural elements only.

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The officer also said that the eco-bridge will also be monitored using four camera traps. Further on, the officer explained that the entire bridge has been made at a point where the road arcs in a wide U-shape. According to Joshi, the bridge will help reduction in sudden brakes in front of a crossing animal, which indirectly will make the roads safe for humans as well.

“This is a dense forest, and elephants, leopards, deer, and blue bulls move in this area. Drivers can see them from some distance and slow down or stop, but they rarely do so for snakes, lizards, monitors, or squirrels,” said the forest official.

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The officer further added that the bridge is layered with grass and leave which will prompt reptiles and other animals to the bridge. He also added that even creepers will be grown on it. The main aim to create awareness about the protection of the reptile species. The eco-bridge was constructed over a period of 10 days. The official claim that the new eco-bridge has also become a place of tourist attraction.

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