USA Food Box Program Continues As It Gets Additional Federal Funding

The scheme to feed the pandemic-affected people of America was started by the US Agriculture Department

Raghav N

September 8, 2020

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The United States Government has decided to add another 1.5 billion dollars to its food distribution program, started in spring 2020, after the pandemic left many people hungry and jobless.

Due to the surge in the demand for these food banks that caters to the needy sections of society, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is continuing with its ‘farmers to family food box program’.

According to the officials, 75 million Americans have picked up these meal parcels this summer through the initiative, overseen by the country’s agricultural department.

When the lockdown due to COVID19 had just started, the food demand was down in schools and restaurants, forcing the farmers to dispose off their hard-earned produce. Likewise, the milk and the dairy industry also witnessed colossal wastage.

The federal drive is aimed at assisting farmers, distributors and those who lost their jobs due to the wrath of the Coronavirus.

Hundreds of families line up for their daily meals at the various distribution centres. The great success of this scheme prompted the Donald Trump administration to increase its budget, in order to be able to continue being a key source of fresh food to charities.

The program is undergoing some changes in its third bidding to address some concerns raised previously.

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