US Transgender Man Harbours Military Dream, Hopes For Policy Waiver

Paulo Batista hopes to be recruited in the American military someday, despite him being a transgender individual

Raghav N

October 14, 2020

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A transgender man has enlisted in the United States Military and hopes to be recruited with a change in the current military policy. Demanding for equal treatment and opportunities for all, Paulo Batista is on a mission to fulfill his dying father’s wish to see his son in the American forces.

During former President Barack Obama’s tenure, the administration had given a go ahead to transgender military aspirants to serve openly and also promised them access to medical and psychological care. However, when Donald Trump came into office, he announced in 2017 that all transgender individuals will be banned from the armed services. This policy was made official in 2019. While those who were already serving were allowed to continue, new recruitments for this section was stopped.

Surprisingly, a study reveals that the American forces employ more transgender people than any other outfit in the world. Batista, who has already applied for a position across the navy and air force more than 14 times till now,  continues to study and train with the optimism of wearing the uniform some day soon.

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