US Elections: Trump Warns Of No Thanksgiving Or Christmas If Biden Is Voted In

During a rally in Arizona yesterday, the US president predicted that Joe Biden would shut down all schools and cancel all upcoming celebrations if the Democrats come to power

Raghav N

October 29, 2020

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In the week building up to the United States presidential elections, President Donald Trump addressed a rally in Arizona on 28 October. Taking a jibe at rival Democrat candidate Joe Biden, Trump told his supporters that there will be no Christmas, no thanksgiving and possibly no 4 July celebrations, if Biden comes to power. He also added that schools will be empty as everyone would be home-confined if he doesn’t come back to his second term.

The president made this statement in reference to the restrictions due to the ongoing Coronaviorus pandemic. While the former vice-president and his associates have braced the online medium for election campaigns on many occasions, Trump has vehemently opposed the virtual route despite being a victim of COVID19 himself. The 74-year-old leader was against the mail-in-voting system and even refused to participate in a digital presidential debate, calling it a waste of time.

Trump was joined on the dais by former Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage, who couldn’t stop showering praises on the Republican candidate. Farage travelled all the way from Europe for this rally and hailed the president as the bravest person he has ever met in his life, while urging voters to support Trump in order to enjoy a free world.

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