US Elections: Three Traditional Leaders Reveal Their Secrets Of Wise Leadership

Leaders from Kenya, Tibet and Wasaunksing First Nation, Canada talk about how they led their communities by ensuring fair practices through a calm and calculated approach

Raghav N

November 3, 2020

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As the United States presidential elections results will be out tonight, three traditional leaders from around the world shared some words of wisdom on how to be a wise leader.

In Nairobi’s western town of Narok in Kenya, a former chief says that a leader should be approachable for both, the privileged and the lesser privileged members of his community. He adds that while it is easy to attain leadership, the real test is how calm and fair one is in different situations. Citing an example, the tribal chief stated that during a 1982 Kenyan coup attempt to overthrow the then-President Daniel arap Moi government, the community was urged to stay calm and wait for the truth to prevail. Eventually, the president was reinstated without any bloodshed amongst his people.

A traditional chief from the mountains of Tibet said that looking at the history of the small country, it is possibly justified for the locals to be rebellious. However, he feels that the past generation, who may have created unrest are no longer there and the present decisions are what will make the next seven generations responsible. Hence, he propagates a forward-thinking and inclusive approach when it comes to decision-making.

Leader John Rice from the Wasaunksing First Nation, Canada believes that those on top must put their citizens before their family and loved ones. He is against impulsive decisions and endorses fair thinking through an egalitarian approach.

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