US Elections 2020: Next Debate May Include Mute Button To Avoid Unruly Behavior

Next debate of the US presidential election is scheduled on October 15 in Miami, Florida

Neel Raju Nalawade

October 1, 2020

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The recent chaotic debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, where President Trump constantly interrupted the Democratic presidential nominee and the debate moderator has forced the organisers to take firm steps to avoid similar instances. The US debate organisers are now bringing some changes in the rules to avoid any unruly behaviour. The organisers assured that the next debate which is scheduled on October 15 shall be more organised and properly planned and may have a mute button. Sources state that the debate will be held in Miami, Florida

Both the candidates faced some serious criticism for their improper behaviour. Trump continuously bullied Biden and questioned his intelligence, hardly giving him a chance to speak. He also once again said that he won’t be accepting the results of the elections. While Biden called the President a racist, a liar and the worst president ever.

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